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New to Soccer? New to AYSO?

Whether your players is 3 years old or 16 years old, they can find a soccer home with AYSO. If you are a parent and you want to sign your player up for soccer, you might have a few questions. We're here for you! We want you to know what you can expect, so that you can spend more time enjoying watching your child play soccer, then worried about missing information.
Our National AYSO website is also an amazing source of information for parents, players and volunteers. Check it out!

Q. What equipment will my soccer player need?
A. Soccer has limited equipment requirements. However, our teams play in uniforms supplied by our region. Shin guards are mandatory during practice and games. Shin guards must be fully covered by the socks. Full-coverage shoes are required, and it is advisable to use shoes designed specifically for soccer. It is recommended that each player have their own soccer ball of the appropriate size for their age, so they can practice at home. However if a player does not have a soccer ball, the coaches will have a ball the player can borrow during practice. Regions also provide field equipment, such as goals, nets and flags.

Q. What is the appropriate size soccer ball for my player?
A. Playground, Schoolyard, 6U and 8U use a size 3 ball
10U and 12U use a size 4 ball
14U, 16U and Adult Soccer use a size 5 ball

Q. How are Playground and Schoolyard different than traditional soccer?
A. Soccer is for people of all ages – even the little ones! Several years ago, we created Schoolyard, or the U-5 program, and Playground or the U-4 program. In Schoolyard & Playground, children get to play soccer in an age-specific program, and you, the parents, get to participate with them. In Schoolyard & Playground, each team is made up of three players and each player will have a parent (or other adult) with them on the field. The children learn soccer skills like kicking, dribbling, and throwing in the ball, but in a low-pressure setting. Schoolyard & Playground is about exposing children to soccer, not grooming them for college scholarships. Parents help take turns organizing the teams, setting up fields and supervising the program. While their children are playing, parent volunteers keep time, but interfere with play as little as possible. There are only a few reasons to stop play in Schoolyard or Playground games. If a child is not playing well with others, or if play must pause for injury, substitution, confusion, or to watch a flock or birds fly by, parents can quickly direct attention back to the game.
In Schoolyard & Jamboree, goals are not counted to determine who wins - every player is a winner. Young players need to get a feel for the ball and the field, so even though there are adults all around and many opportunities to offer instruction, the emphasis is on fun and play. It’s a different kind of game in U-4 & U-5, but the children still wear jerseys or pinnies, cleats and shin guards. Best of all, they find out that soccer is something they can do

Q. What if my older child has never played soccer before, can they still play with AYSO?
A. Absolutely! We love to see new soccer players of all ages! And our AYSO philosophies (what make AYSO different) are created with all players in mind.
Everybody Plays - All players will play at least half the game. A new player won't be stuck on the bench watching while more seasoned players play the entire game. Nor will the most experienced players be required to play every minute of every game - they need to rest and spend time learning from the sidelines as well.
Balanced Teams - All AYSO regions work with coaches to rate experienced players, and then each season we build teams to evenly distribute new players, experienced players, and highly skilled player across all teams in the division. A game which plays a team of new players against a team of highly skilled players is no fun for anyone.
Player Development - Every AYSO coach has a goal that each player on their team ends the season as a better soccer player then they were when they started.

Q. My child just got his/her ears pierced, can they still play?
A. Sorry, earrings (and all jewelry) must be removed prior to soccer practice or games. Covering the earrings is not allowed.

Q. Do you play soccer in the rain?
A. While soccer games are allowed to be played in the rain, Tucson Parks & Recreation will close soccer fields if the fields are muddy. Soccer players running around on a muddy field can destroy the grass. AYSO does rent the fields and can be fined if a practice or game happens when the fields have been closed.

Q. What about lightning?
A. It only takes living thru one monsoon season in Tucson to know that we can have lightning, when there is no rain. So while the fields might be considered open (ground is dry) soccer practices or games must be halted if lightning is nearby. Games/Practice can not resume until 30 minutes have passed with no lightning in the area.


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