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No Pet Policy

No Pets on AYSO Fields

We want to include our family pets in everything we do, and while it is safe to take them for a walk or to the park , it is not a good idea to take them to a busy soccer field. In an effort to keep everyone, including children, bystanders and pets safe, pets are not allowed on AYSO soccer fields.

One of the most common fears among children is Zoophobia, the fear of animals. Zoophobia can develop after a traumatic event with an animal, or a child may have simply developed a predisposition to fearing animals without any just cause. We want all our little ones, including our furry friends to stay safe!

3 in 10 65%
Did you know 3 in 10 people have allergic reactions to cats or dogs? Animal allergens are everywhere and can be found in dander, skin flakes, saliva and urine which can lead to an allergic reaction or worsen asthma symptoms. Pet hair is also susceptible to collecting pollen, mold spores, and other outdoor allergens.
You might not have a problem with your dog scratching his ear, but the dander released might worsen someone else's allergies or asthma.
  In a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association in 2015-2016 , approximately 79.7 million households (65%) own a pet. That is a lot of animals! If every family brought their pets to the field, it would make it very challenging to play soccer!
 63.2% 6.5 Million
 of people consider their pets to be members of their family. So why take the chance of loosing or harming them? Don't risk losing your loved one by bringing them to a crowded noisy field.  pets enter animal shelters every year in the United States. Of those animals, 3.3 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats. The AYSO soccer fields are busy with multiple games going on at once. Pets can easily become scared from all the commotion, which may cause them to run away.

*Taken from Summer 2017 AYSO PlaySoccer Magazine

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